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Carefully read the Scholarships section on the website. If you are a first time user, you will need to register here to apply; if you are already registered, simply login! Please complete the online application.

You may be expected to submit (but not limited to):
Personal contact information of the candidate, year of birth, CV, fulfillment with the eligibility criteria for a scholarship (proof of nationality, relevant requirements for different target groups and type of mobility, proof of sufficient knowledge of the tuition language at the host institution), choice of courses and/or study programme and preferred ARISE host institutions.

Academic and administrative staff mobilities

Staff employed by the higher education institutions of the consortium will be able to apply for short term mobility opportunities which could include benchmarking exercises, sabbatical research periods, guest lecturing, curriculum development, knowledge and resource sharing trips etc. on the basis that both institutions support the trip.


In order to be eligible, academic and administrative staff (hereafter referred as “staff”) must:

(a) Be a national and resident in any of the eligible countries covered by the relevant lot; and

(b) Work in or be associated with a Higher Education Institution within the Partnership.

In addition mobility assignments must be based on agreements between the members of the Partnership. The home and host Higher Education Institution and the individual staff must agree on the programme of lectures to be delivered by the visiting staff (for academic staff), on the research activities, on the type of training to be followed or on type of administrative cooperation to develop.

(c) Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses in the host countries.

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