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Frequently Asked Questions

About the logistical aspects

1. What do I need to consider when planning my trip?
  • SPREE recommends that students and staff liaise with home and host institution coordinators for more specific requirements.

  • It is advisable to photocopy all your essential documents (personal and academic), retain a set of copies for yourself, storing it in a safe place separately from the originals, and to leave another set of copies with a family member or friend.

  • Should you need to apply for a study permit, ensure that it is valid for studies at the institution you will be studying at.

  • Ensure that your passport is valid for the duration of your studies. You will need it to open a bank account. In most countries, a passport is the recognized form of identification for international students / staff.

  • If you are bringing a laptop, please make sure that the computer can operate on the voltage of the country you will be studying in and that you have the necessary transformer for the current. You may also need to purchase an adapter plug that enables you to plug your computer into an outlet.  (If you are bringing a lap-top or other electronic equipment please ensure that it is adequately insured against loss or theft and be vigilant in protecting your property at all times).

  • Medication: If you take a prescription drug on a regular basis remember to keep the prescription and to retain original packaging.

  • Sleeping bag (if you want to go camping).

  • Raincoat with hood.

  • Shoes for hiking or all-day walks.

  • Other electronic equipment; If you intend to bring electronic equipment (e.g. hairdryer) please make sure that it can operate on the voltage available for the country.

  • Cell phone and International Calling Cards

  • Cash in local currency for emergencies.

2. What about housing at the host university?

According to the rules of the SPREE programme, the host universities are required to assist students and staff members to find suitable housing on or near campus.

3. Will I participate in orientation?

Yes, upon arrival you will receive your information and orientation pack with information on orientation and the campus of your choice. Please read through the information carefully and ensure that you participate in the scheduled orientation and registration sessions.


During orientation week the host institution will officially welcome you and give informative useful to your academic and social well-being. Each session will equip you to identify and utilize the necessary resources and smooth your transition into higher education in a different African region and at the relevant host institution.

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